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The Benefits Of Using Our Product Videography Service For Amazon

It’s no secret that video marketing is extremely effective, both on websites and on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

One reason for this is it’s the closest people get to exploring a product in real life before making a purchase. 

Having product videos on your Amazon page will instantly attract more interest, helping customers make up their mind about what your brand has to offer. Meanwhile, having videos on your website is excellent for SEO (search engine optimization), so your site will appear much higher on search engines like Google. 

What makes a great product video?

The best videos on Amazon tend to have plenty of creative scenes that tell ‘the story’ of your product. You don’t just want a basic video that films around the product, without any music, information or production values. 

Instead you want a video that tells people what your product does, its special features, and what makes it unique. This can be done in a variety of ways, including the use of a voiceover artist, lighting, zooming in on key details, and much more.

You want an engaging video that viewers enjoy watching but also helps consolidate your branding. 

However, with product videos, it’s also best to keep it short and sweet, especially on platforms like Amazon and social media. 

TK Digital Studio creates captivating product photos and videos for use on Amazon marketplace. 

We work with companies across the UK who need help standing out on Amazon and other platforms. That includes those specialising in lifestyle products, clothing, cosmetics, and much more.

We love creating strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that we do everything possible to meet your budget. 

As you’ll see from our website, our videography team has worked on a wide range of campaigns. We’ve created beautiful videos demonstrating everything from portable heaters and candles to kitchenware, pillows and beard trimmers! Our videography and photography team works with companies on all kinds of budgets, helping you produce genuine results. 

Our services include creating 360 product videos which rotate your product through a range of motions. 

This type of videography helps your products to shine and stand out from the crowd. Choose TK Digital Studio and you’ll benefit from our expert studio’s lighting, shooting, and set-up strategies.

We’re ideal if you’re looking for experts that can deliver quick but affordable results. 

Find out more about our product videos for Amazon or contact us for more information.