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1. Complete A Photography Brief

It is very important especially for new clients to provide detailed briefs and examples of what is needed to be done. Communication is the key if you want us to work cost-effectively.

2. Approve An Estimate

Based on your brief we will provide an estimate along with a new client registration form to get you into our system. Once all the questions are answered and the client is happy with the estimate we will send the estimate via email for final approval.

3. Ship Your Products

We will provide client with our studio address where they can either bring the products or send them over using a courier. The client is responsible for the cost of shipping and also insurance for the time being in the studio.

4. We Photograph Your Product

We will follow the client brief. If the client requests further rework, that will be charged on a per-hour basis. If we made an error, such as misunderstanding the brief, the delivery will be fixed for no cost.

5. Payment And Images Delivery

After we show the watermarked images for approval, the client is expected to pay via Bank Transfer. When all charges for all services provided have been paid, we will release the unwatermarked photos to the client, which counts as the final delivery.

6. Returning Products To Client

We can arrange DPD door-to-door service to return your product and include the charge in the invoice. Or you can arrange any courier of your choice for collection. We do not drop off parcel at post office or shops.



What services do you offer?

We currently offer a range of photography and video services. Namely product photography, pack shot photography, composite photography, 360 photography, lifestyle photography, 3D rendering, heavy retouching and manipulation, infographic design, Amazon EBC design, product video, 360 video,s and more.

Why should we use your studio for our Amazon product Photography?

Amazon product photography is our main service which we have a lot of experience with. Hiring any photography studio (might be even a good one) that does not specialize in Amazon product photography may be an expensive mistake that will result in substandard photographs that do not convert as you would wish. We regularly rework photographs from other studios.

How much will it cost?

Each product is different and there is no rule which we could apply to all of the products therefore we will provide an estimate for each project. For example, it is a big difference shooting an Amazon listing for a single bamboo bowl or scrapbook with 175pcs of accessories.

Will it get cheaper as we work with you long term?

Yes, as we work with clients for longer periods of time we develop a workflow specific to the client, assets that we can reuse, and a style that fits the brand. 

What kind of products do you shoot?

Over years we photographed almost every type of product. If we can fit it in our 1000 sq ft studio we can photograph it.

Do you charge upfront?

We trust in our work and therefore we do not charge upfront. We only charge upfront for costs like location fees, permissions, special props we need to buy, etc.

What rights do I have for usage of my photos?

Our usage is unrestricted, so you may use it as you want. The sole condition is that you do not resell the image(s) to a third party without our explicit consent. When the final payment is received, use rights are issued. The only restriction applies when we use stock assets like icons, stock photos, graphic elements etc where you must follow the license of the stock agency. These licenses are very generous and allow unlimited views online. But it is your responsibility to make sure that it fits your needs. We also keep the right to show photographs in our portfolio.

Why if my products require assembly?

Our studio is very well equipped for any kind of assembly work. We got drills, power tools, grinders, just name it. We have built rabbit hatches, assembled scooters, small furniture, etc.

Can you work without photography brief?

Yes, however, this will add production time as we might be not lucky to create what you wanted. But we certainly will get there and you will be 100% satisfied.

Can we attend the shoot when you photograph our products?

Unfortunately, that is not possible, we work using the brief provided.

Can you hire a model or shoot on location?

Yes, we can hire either professional or semi-professional local models. We also have a deal with a landlord owning 80 properties in the Liverpool area where we can go shoot and get a signed property release.

Our studio and equipment

What can your studio space offer?

Our studio is 1000 sq ft large and consists of a few sections. We have dedicated space with a background roller system and different paper background rolls with a width of 2.7m. The next section is the lifestyle flexible set which can be transformed into a living room or bedroom, we can create a bathroom feel, or a basic kitchen too. We also have dedicated space for small product shoots and 360 spins.

This set is with furniture that is reused for all clients, if you need something different in regards to styling we can either redecorate our set or use AIRBNB.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2016. We provide a simple, low-cost solution that assists companies in increasing revenue and driving conversions.

What equipment do you use?

We use professional mirrorless cameras, sharp lenses, professional lighting equipment, and effective post-production workflow. For post-production, we have available all Adobe software and we also have client relation management software in place.

Could you create for me a custom surface, background or set?

Yes, we can build, paint, spray, glue, and create something unique for your brand. It is charged on per hour basis.

Are you able to photoshop my product into a stock lifestyle photograph?

Yes, we are very skilled with photoshop and this is a very cost-effective way how to showcase your product in different scenarios or places hard to reach. Our skilled photographers and graphic designers will guarantee that the output seems realistic.

Can you do 3D render?

Yes, we can do 3D modeling or turn a photograph into the 3D model using heavy retouching techniques in photoshop.

Amazon product photography

What Amazon services do you provide?

We have extensive experience with Amazon and we cover all you might need including listing copywriting, listing photography and infographic design, EBC/A+ and A++ graphic design, and product video.

Can we create a product listing in stages?

Yes, we can keep your product in the studio for a while after the listing is done and work on EBC and video within 30 days from listing delivery. 

Can you do product video?

Yes, we do all kinds of videos from budget videos to more sophisticated videos with scripts and models presenting the products. We can also do 360 video spins, unboxing video,s and more.

Can you do 3D render?

Yes, we can do 3D modeling or turn a photograph into the 3D model using heavy retouching techniques in photoshop.

Previews, payment and project delivery

Why are the preview images watermarked?

Because we do not charge upfront we watermark your images so they can’t be used without payment. Our terms are simple you pay if you like it. After the payment we will deliver images without the watermark.

What resolution are my photos?

We will deliver your photos in the resolution needed whether it’s your website, amazon, ETSY, or anywhere else you need up to 26 megapixels. For Amazon, our standard is 2560 x 2560 pixels.

What files do I get?

We deliver files in high-resolution JPG format, white background studio photos are provided on transparent background in PNG. 

Amazon photographs are delivered on white background in the resolution of 2560×2560 pixels.

How will you deliver my images and videos?

We will deliver all the files using www.wetransfer.com.

How do I make payment?

We only accept bank transfers.

Do you back up files on your server?

Yes, we do back up all the source files and delivery files on our server and also in the cloud.

Do you provide sourcefiles?

We do not provide source files or raw files from the shoot. We only deliver final images. The exception is product packaging design where we provide a source files along with all the assets.

For how long can you keep the product in the studio after the shoot?

The product needs to be collected ideally within a week after the shoot.


Najma Learning
Najma Learning
5. February, 2024.
My second time using Toms service as the first was excellent. This time I made a short video for an ad. Everything went smoothly, from appointment to video shooting at Toms studio. Tom and his team are friendly, professional and very helpful. The price was very reasonable too. Thanks Tom.
andrew buchanan
andrew buchanan
29. January, 2024.
Great help with every step! They were very clear and forward with me
Mo Miah
Mo Miah
14. January, 2024.
Professional quality work, very skilled and executed the project very well. 10/10 design, photography and video work, will use again.
rafal wojtala
rafal wojtala
21. December, 2023.
I recommend TK Digital Studio Ltd to everyone, great communication, quick job, amazing effect...
Rajan V
Rajan V
3. November, 2023.
Excellent product photography studio, prompt communication, professional and friendly individuals who genuinely think about how they can enhance your brands reputation through high quality images.
Sarah Street
Sarah Street
18. October, 2023.
Very prompt response initially and even quicker at getting the photos we needed back. Great customer service from Tomas. Will definitely be using again :)
31. August, 2023.
My first time using TK Digital Studio and I was a little worried of what the quality would be. I was not disappointed and received excellent quality product photos beyond my expectations. The service was smooth with a quick turnaround. Price was excellent with no hidden charges. Thank you for a great service, I will certainly be coming back again.
Oliver Warburton
Oliver Warburton
10. August, 2023.
I had a conversation with my business partner prior to receiving the deliverables, expressing my usual apprehension towards content from agencies as it often falls short of expectations. However, TK Digital completely shattered that stereotype and left me utterly impressed. Their level of commitment and dedication to the project truly stands out. The attention they paid to every single detail showcased their professionalism and thoroughness. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about excelling at it. The team at TK Digital possesses remarkable talent that shines through in the work they deliver. It's evident that they are not just churning out content, but rather crafting pieces of art that resonate with the audience and serve a purpose. This blend of creativity and strategic understanding is truly commendable. One aspect that truly amazed me was their profound knowledge of how Amazon functions and what type of content drives conversions. This insight is a game-changer and clearly sets them apart from the competition. They don't just follow trends; they understand the intricacies of the platform, leading to content that not only attracts but also converts. In light of my experience, I can't help but give TK Digital my highest recommendation. Their exceptional service, coupled with their expertise in both content creation and Amazon dynamics, has left me not only satisfied but genuinely thrilled. I've been running online businesses for over 25 years... If you're seeking a team that goes above and beyond and truly comprehends the digital landscape, TK Digital is the way to go.
Steven Keane
Steven Keane
14. July, 2023.
Very professional, Great customer service. Tailored our Amazon product images to exactly what we wanted. Really easy to work with. Very happy with the final results. Would highly recommend!


We operate internationally and are happy to receive products sent from the EU, US, or China. For those based in the UK who would rather save on postage fees and prefer to drop their products off in-person, TK Digital Studio is based in Liverpool, England.

No upfront payments. No minimal order.  No hidden fees.