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Amazon Product photography is a critical aspect of selling on Amazon, as it plays a significant role in determining a product’s visibility and success on the platform. Amazon’s algorithm, which decides a product’s search ranking and visibility, considers various factors such as the product title, description, and reviews, but places a significant emphasis on the product’s images. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the role of product photography in Amazon’s algorithm, its impact on visibility and sales, and how TK Digital Studio can help you take your Amazon business to the next level with our professional photography services.

Who is an Amazon Product Photographer?

An Amazon photographer is a professional who specialises in capturing high-quality images of products to be used in e-commerce. He understands the importance of product photography in the buying process and has the skills, equipment, and experience to create images that are visually appealing and showcase the product in its best light. By working with an Amazon product photographer, sellers can rest assured that their images will accurately and effectively communicate the value of their product, which can have a significant impact on their visibility and sales. The rewards system on Amazon incentivizes sellers to invest in high-quality product photography. By meeting Amazon’s image requirements and guidelines, sellers can expect increased visibility, better search ranking, and higher conversion rates. Conversely, failure to comply with the platform’s guidelines can result in penalties such as lower search ranking, decreased visibility, and even suspension of the seller’s account. Whether it’s for new product launches, product updates, or just to refresh existing product images, a professional product photographer can help sellers achieve success on Amazon. 

Full amazon listing example for kids sock

How to improve your Amazon Product Photography?

Consistent and high-quality Amazon product photography can have a powerful impact on an Amazon seller’s success. By presenting a strong brand image through professional images, sellers can differentiate themselves from competitors and build a distinct brand identity. This, in turn, can increase customer recognition and foster customer loyalty, as customers are more likely to associate the product with the seller’s brand and return to make future purchases. Product images provide a visual representation of the product, its features, and its benefits, allowing customers to better understand the product and make an informed decision. High-quality images can enhance the perceived value of the product, helping to build customer trust and confidence in the product and the seller.

Not all product photographers are Amazon photographers.

A knowledgeable and experienced Amazon product photographer understands the importance of lighting and composition when capturing the essence of a product. They strive to portray a product’s features and aesthetics in the best light possible, highlighting its unique characteristics in order to attract potential customers. Furthermore, an effective colour palette can help strengthen one’s brand image and recognition. Amazon’s Extended Brand Content (EBC) offers further opportunities to showcase a product’s images, descriptions, and features—allowing buyers to make informed purchasing decisions. To create an even more immersive experience, commissioning a well-crafted product video can bring the item to life, providing shoppers with an authentic glimpse of what they may receive. Taking the time to invest in superior product photography services can make all the difference when showcasing a product and generating sales.

Amazon product photographer photographing and placing bath tray into stock photograph


In conclusion, professional and high-quality Amazon product photography is essential for success on Amazon. Investing in the services of a professional Amazon product photographer not only helps customers make informed purchasing decisions, but also increases perceived value, builds trust, and leads to increased sales. So why wait? Contact TK Digital Studio to be your professional product photographers today and unlock the full potential of your Amazon business.

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