Each product is different, therefore more complex, large etc products will be charged more.
Please contact me for quote – contact form.



1x Hero Image

from 30£

1x Creative / Advertisement

image from 79£

If you need extras, please see

my price list for extra services.

Please provide me with examples

and all details before photo shoot.

Standard from

£210 / product

7 photos in total

1 hour of changes after delivery included
This is a fixed set of images.

1- main image

2- different angle on pure white

3- different angle + simple text

4- dimensions

5- infographic image

6- lifestyle image

7- lifestyle image

Additional items + £10/item

Stock photos - £6/image

Model hire - £30 to £60

Basic Product Retouch - Included

Premium from

£290 / product

7 photos in total

1 hour of changes after delivery included

Flexible pack, if you need more infographics or lifestyle images this is pack right for you.

Additional items + £10/item


main image, different angle + hands, dimensions,

infographic, lifestyle, lifestyle, infographic/lifestyle

Stock photos - £6/image

Model hire - £30 to £60

Basic Product Retouch - Included

3D Rendering

Photo packs addition

Unlimited changes

As 3D Rendering is getting more

and more popular. We offer this service as addition to our Product photography packs. 

Not all product are suitbale for 3D Rendering. All needs to be discussed.

Each model is different therefore you will need to contact me for price.

Each pack comes with 1 hour of extra work if need for any changes like changing colours, fonts, reorganizing objects or adding some extras. 90% customers do not need more than that.

If more work is required to make it exactly how you need, that is charged £20/hour.

It is important to provide all the informations before the shoot to minimize reworks.

Additional product photography services

Infographic for one image

Dimensions for one image

Lifestyle staging for one photo

Adding text to one photograph

Fixing product manufacturing/transport defects/Photoshop work

Creating clipping path/transparent background for your photographs

Hiring model for your product

(male, female, baby + 15£, dogs, cat)

Photoshoping your product in Stock photo from Shutterstock (or any of yours images)

White on White / transparent on white extra charge

One Stock photo from Shutterstock 

Service price

from £30/photo

from £5/photo

from £30/photo



£2 - £6/product

from £30-£60/product

from £30/photo



If your product is set, there will be extra charge. Please, contact me for price.

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