360° Product photography is powerful selling tool where your customer can have more real interaction with product then just a simple image. This includes the ability to pan and zoom around the product.

Benefits of 360 Product Photography

  • you can use your images from shoot in leaflets, catalogues or brochures
  • 360 images reduce returns
  • studies have shown that not only is the customer experience improved, but the likelihood to purchase is increased
  • it allows your customers to make an informed decision without needing to see the product in person
  • popularity of 360 Product photography is rising and will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors
  • the customers have the opportunity to assess the product as if they were examining it in person.

How it works

  • Step 1: Contact me using CONTACT FORM and describe what you need (I will respond same day)
  • Step 2: Ship your products safely packed using tracked delivery
  • Step 3: I will shoot all your products
  • Step 4: In this step I will send you products in low resolution. You can check them and point out if there is something you would like to change
  • Step 5: I will send you an invoice for my services. Invoice will include return shipping postage (by your choice).
  • Step 6: You will receive a download link where you can download all your images instantly and I will post your items back to your address.

Contact form for pricing

How to upload 360 product to your website

We can split 360 Product Photography in 2 steps. 

Step 1: Taking photographs

This is the part which I take care of. You send me products and I take care about photographing, lightning and final editing of photographs for your 360 product viewer which you are using or you plan to use. 

Step 2: Upload to your server

In the case that you do not have your 360 viewer chosen yet. I can recommend to use the one I am using on my website. It works without problems and it is very simple to get your products online. Software has a lot of options like Hotspots, templates, logos etc. I think software is priced very well you can have just for 59 EUR 3 domains and unlimited products. Have a look at www.yofla.com

360 Product viewer

  • One-Time fee, lifetime license – no subscription
  • All files hosted by you, or in your cloud – no vendor lock-in
  • 1 years free updates
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • fast email support

Technical informations

For smoother spin more photographs need to be taken. Examples above consist of 16 shots per products. There is different price if you want smoother spins. Please, see my prices list for 360 product photography here.

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