Quality photo restoration service

TK Digital Studio offers professional photo restoration, retouching and editing services with option to print and post photographs. No money upfront. Don’t pay unless you are happy.

Examples of my work

I just want to say how pleased I am with the outcome of the photo below (the original was taken around the mid 20's). This photo of my mom was completely broken as the photo shows. Thomas has restored this old photo fantastically. I can now put my mom in a beautiful frame. And remember the wonderful memories I have. Would always recommend you to family and friends. Thank you so much Tomas, very kind regards Gill

Gill L


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This unhappy soldier is just about to start his obligatory service for army. Lip had to be created also collar. Even the letters could have been recreated but it was’t necessary. At the end some sharpening and contrast applied. Very nicely restored old photograph.

How it works

  • Step 1: Contact me using CONTACT FORM and describe what you need (I will respond same day)
  • Step 2: You can send me your scanned photo as attachment in email once I replied.
  • Step 3: I will check what needs to be done and how long it will take to restore
  • Step 4: I will send you quotation and if you agree with price, I will restore your photograph.
  • Step 5: Once restoration is done I will send you photo (watermarked) for check. If you will be happy with results I will send you an invoice and full size photograph without watermark.
  • Step 6: I can print all your photographs for additional fee. Ask if interested.

Contact form for pricing

Photo Restoration pack

Basic Restoration

Includes correction of: light colour fading, dust and minor scratches, improvement of contrast and exposure, red eye removal, sharpening and cropping

Standard Restoration

Includes correction of: Basic restoration + more significant fading, more serious scratches  and blemishes, light tear removal (excluding tears in crucial ereas)

Premium Restoration

I will completely restore your photograph all complex tears, scratchs, folds will be removed. Contrast and colour corrected. At the end photograph will be sharpened.

Premium Extra Restoration

Premium Restoration + extra objects, people, background removal. Combining photographs. Missing parts of the photograph is not a problem.

Colourising your photograph

Price depends on complexity of photograph. Simple portraits/medium complexity/very complex with many items. Just add price to your restoration pack.

Critical Parts Reconstruction

If face need to be reconstructed, eye, mouth etc

Price per photograph









This was very complex photo restoration with missing part of the photo. At least face wasn't destroyed that much. After finish with all the cracks and folds I had to colour correct it and sharpen.
This was really nice project to work on. I love old photo restoration and it is pleasure for me to help bring some old memories back.
Old photo restoration, what have we here is an old photograph which needed to be restored. With some significantly destroyed parts of the photograph, light scratches in face area. Overall very dirty photo with faded colours.

Photo restoration quantity discount

If you have more photographs to restore, do not hesitate to contact me, there will be discount for sure.

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