All photographs can be enhanced to higher level. It may be just a snapshot of your daughter with noisy background which I can turn into nice portrait on background of your choice. Enhancement of a picture is basically the stylising of the image. Creating the mood, look, and feel of the photo.

Photo Enhancement Services

  • Increasing sharpnes
  • Reducing noise
  • Removing or replacing background - clipping path
  • Colour and Exposure correction
  • Resizing images
  • Red eye removal
  • Adding make up
  • Skin airbrushing, blemishes or wrinkles removal
  • Digital teeth whitening

Photo enhancement example

Original file has some problems: sharpness, white background not white, shadow on the right of the head, red eyes, skin need sto be softened. Using advanced retouching techniques in Photoshop we will step by step fix it all.

Photo enhancement step 1

Skin softening and preserving texture of the skin. Removing red eyes. Balancing colours.

Photo enhancement step 2

Softening wrinkles, making white white and removing shadow.

Photo enhancement step 3

In final step we applied sharpening only on critical areas like eyes, hair and lips.

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